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The Jewel of Nevada

It just so happens Trish keeps track of the ever-growing list of places I have promised to take her. As the list has grown and time has gotten shorter, I have begun to feel somewhat of a procrastinator. Basking in… Continue Reading →


The first time I found myself on foot in Vancouver, I began walking without thinking twice about it, for the fabled skirts of Gastown. I was on a mission for history and good beer. Well, it began as history and… Continue Reading →

3 Route 66 Gems You Can’t Miss

Whether you’ve travelled the entire Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica, or only travelled bits and pieces, there is plenty of roadside history to soak up. I will provide three examples I have recently visited. But first, a quick… Continue Reading →

4 Tombstone Alternatives

Gunfight reenactments at the O.K. Corral, The Crystal Palace, rides on the Butterfield Stage, carousing old saloons, tracing the footsteps of Doc Holiday, endless gift shops and old-time photographs. There is nothing at all wrong with the touristy side of… Continue Reading →

The Battle of Picacho Pass

Picacho is name to a small town, a state park and a peak that rises 1500 feet from the desert floor in southern Arizona. This dramatic point can be seen in all directions for as many as 50 miles and… Continue Reading →

Ditching Lake Tahoe For Her Lesser Known Sisters

Early November and no snow in the mountains yet. The weather crisp and cloudless. This combination equals a trip to a mountain lake, or more. The goal was, of course, to go for the lesser known. This meant avoiding the… Continue Reading →

Blog Report: The First 30 Days

My travel blog at outerrealmz.com was launched on October 8th, 2018, making it exactly 30 days old upon writing this. During these first 30 days I have received 446 total page views. This is nothing spectacular, yet it is not… Continue Reading →

Trail of Death: The Carson Route through the 40-Mile Desert

There is an obscure memorial not far off US 95 some fifteen miles north of Fallon, Nevada. Only a well-trained eye can decipher it through the sea of sagebrush, rocks and alkali before it. After traversing the short dirt road… Continue Reading →

Jean Lafitte’s Old Absinthe House

I try very diligently to steer clear of writing about places that are considered “tourist traps.” However, I occasionally find it worthwhile to take something buried deep within one of these traps and expose it for its historical and/or symbolic… Continue Reading →

Lost River Cave

The National Corvette Museum and the World Headquarters for Fruit of the Loom are two of the main attractions of Bowling Green, Kentucky. There is another attraction, not as well known, but equally, if not more, interesting. Lost River Cave… Continue Reading →

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